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The Things I’ve Learned from Anime- Man I’m a Dork!

Over the last couple of years I have become more and more obsessed with Anime. No particular genre, just a couple of random episodes here and there so that when it grips me I am completely consumed with the story … Continue reading

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Dealing with Change

I have had a genuinely crappy year. I don’t mean this to be a negative thing but when I look back…wow…I think the amount of “self-growing”, “self-awareness” and “dealing with nonsense” I have done in the past 12 months would … Continue reading

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The Wizard of Oz: A Corporate Analogy

You are larking about in the sunny cornfields of home, without a care in the world, when “shazaaam” in a whirlwind of an experience, you have left school and are dropped without any rhyme or reason into the working world … Continue reading

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