Da Vinci Exhibition- Tasty Tidbits from the Master

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Christmas is a sad affair when you are broke and unemployed. But enter the most awesome uncle and aunt who buy you a ticket to the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition held at the Chavonne Battery Museum, V&A Waterfront in sunny Cape Town. Having to wait till the 12th January was absolute torture but as it turns out…absolutely worth it.

I could drone on for days about the 2 levels filled to the brim withDa Vinci inspiration that they had on display but I fear I will scare away some readers so I will give some quick highlights of the best bits! You’re welcome…

Da Vinci the Wing Nut

  • Men have been obsessed with the idea of flight even since Icarus, Daedalus and their ill-fated aerial escape attempt in Crete. Da Vinci, however, was the first to focus on the actual science of flight through wind, air and atmospheric pressure
  • He…

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