Really Bad Poetry- Weak and Powerless

A while ago, during my insanely sad period of my life, I was trying to vocalise how I felt.

Ironically, I can talk the hind-leg off a donkey about things that I have an opinion on or general conversational topics…but heaven forbid I am asked to express my own feelings. This normally ends badly heheh! So it is my goal for the next year to write something personal, something frivalous and draw at least 1 thing everyday for the next 6 months to try and aid my cause.

Image —by:HaganeNoBlackRose, Deviant Art

Weak and Powerless

We spend our whole lives searching

Eagerly, at first

All your senses on fire, seeking, exploring, with all the childlike wonder of new spawn


As the day wears on, you tire of the fruitless search

The flame is but an ember now

When the realisation strikes you down

With groggy eyes you look upward

You have been walking in circles


In that moment of silence you listen


Drawing on every memory to grasp at just a flicker of hope



Although you are numb, you are on fire

You scramble, you claw, you grab, you cling to every last inch of your sanity

You throw every conceivable reason, outcome, plan, out to stoke the fire

You begin to fill the void


Too late


It’s only as the last empty ember dies

A moment of absolute clarity, serenity, calm, washes over you

It was all in vain

But it’s over now


The endless searching, obsessing, the incessant scratching at a hope of meaning

Prevented you from seeing the obvious

You accept your fate

And slip unencumbered into the enlightened


About Dance Like Derryn

I am a new mom, a 30-something year old female Trying to find my groove and balance in this manic life. I am trying to come to grips with life, parenthood, being a good partner, business, and why doughnuts are so damn delicious! Writing about general ramblings, things that amuse me and corporate musings. @DanceLikeDerryn
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